Monday, May 27, 2013


We are 3 game developers looking for a 4th collaborator for our indie mobile game "Demon Ninja Assault: Slash Damage."  Our team consists of an Artist, an Animator, and a technical artist with over 3 decades of experience in the game industry. This game is being completely self funded out of pocket and we're using all our spare time to make it happen.

The core features of the game are playable, a majority of our art assets have been created, and we are now in need of a C# programmer to take us to the finish line.

Please E-mail to inquire about the position and any questions about the game.

C# Programmer Wanted for Unity IOS Game

We are looking for an experienced C# programmer who can create AI for enemies and general play mechanics. You may be working with existing code and Playmaker. Experience with Rain AI and working knowledge of Perforce would be a big plus.

 Who we are looking for:
-An individual with experience in Unity C# coding
-AI Experience
-Codes for performance

+ Experience with RAIN AI
+ Perforce experience
+ Experience working with PlayMaker
+ Loves old school Side Scroller games

 Please E-mail 

Look and Feel

Demon Ninja Assault: Slash Damage is a 2.5D arena hack n' slash side scroller.  We're taking and old school style of gameplay and bringing a modern look to it.  You play as Kenjiro and must brawl your way through 8+ arenas and in between runner levels.

In the arena stages all kinds of evil demons, spirits, and Ninjas will attack you, and only your skills will save you.  The game will start off easy and then ramp up quickly challenging you to use all of Kenjiro's techniques.  Button mashing won't save you here.

The runner stages has you running through a stage similar to the arenas taking you to the next area. You will be bombarded by various creatures and must slice, jump, and dodge your way to the end of the stage.